Picea - means.... spruce

By the medieval times, Spruce logs thats grows in Poland, was shipped in differences regions of Europe. Main timberlands od Spruce timber was in Northern mantains of Poland, and its vassalage - Prusia. Apparently, etymollogy of the SPRUCE word derive from that period of times, when Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in XV - XVI age, and was in its power apogee. In that times English Merchants buying spruce timber for ship, and others construction asking: "where You get this timber from?". And they heard answer: " Z Prus !"- which means from Prussia in polish lenguage. So, that way English people start to pronounce, as they heard - spruce... and this is how the story goes.

There is nothing weird in this. Spruce is abbsolutely superb quality wood for arrow making. Many of famouse archery specialist confirmed this. As a brother of many Picea spieces Picea abies have all You need to make great quality contructions of ships ,bulding and to make arrows.
Its competitive to P.O. Cedar - Lawson Cyprys, as it really called, is beyond doubts. When You find A quality timber You can be shure, that it will be more stift, durable and lighter than Cedar shaft.
Yet it have some minuses. You need to find perfect timber first. In oposite to P.O Cedar it is harder to find best quality spruce timber, and Cedar is esier in timber proccesings - that's why biggest shaft manufacturers chose Cedar. Besides Cedar have charming, romantic smell, that spruce haven't.

In montains where We live are forests, when good spruce grows. That is why we first called Eamarrows, called Picea Archery.


EAM Agata Moczulska


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