In that content You can choose all different types of spruce arrows, We produce. 
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When You choose TRADITIONAL arrows, from that group, You can count for shipping in 21 days.Shafts for arrows are producing systematically, and all We need is to finish the ordered quantity, and pack them. Arrows are under Our warranty, and when You find that something with them is wrong, You ca shipp them back whitin 14 days.



Normally arrows are ship to the client in standard 32" lenght and 125 grs point. When You order Your arrows, You can choose one from two opions:

1. You give Us bow informations and Your draw lenght - then We match arrows with data You gave Us, with appropriate weight point, to meet international standards.

2. You match parameters by Your own - arrows lenght, spine, points ect. And We complete chosing set according Your data.

If  You not shure about draw lenght - just let Us know. If You need glue points yourself - just let us know  about that. It's mean, that arrows will be at full lenght and point will come not glued, and You can cut arrows and glue points at lenght You decide.

 In EU borders You should look for dealer, for cheap costs, or be prepare for shipping costs between 10-20 Euro.



EAM Agata Moczulska


Swidnik 12/10 

58-410 Marciszow