Modern  traditionall Arrows



Arrow prices below

Modern looking wooden arrows series. There are producing from spruce and cedar, also ash wood.
All our traditionall arrows comes with standard plastick nocks, with cock feather marker.

There are 3 groups of quality arrows Standard, Premium, and Tournament. Each type have its own price - list below.


Additionally You need to add to base price, price of finishing estetic, which is depent of how elegant and fancy or regular Your arrows will look like. All model of arrow have its own finish price.

If You want something special - that isn't on our web just let Us know :


Standard arrows

- weight and spine dispersion -  30-35grs / 5-7lbs

- price for spruce shaft arrow 4 eu\ ash or cedar 5eu

Premium arrows

- weight and spine dispersion - 15grs / 5lbs
- parallel ring run  - tollerance of diagonally 15%
- clear wood with  laquier layer, cock feather in different colour and front wraping; TopHat points

- price of spruce arrow 7eu \ ash or cedar 9eu

Tournament arrows

- weight and spine dispersion10 grs / 3lbs
- parallel ring run - tollerance of diagonally 1%
- clear wood with laquier layer, cock feather in different colour and front wraping, TopHat points

- price of spruce arrow 9eu \ ash or cedar 10eu


EAM Agata Moczulska


Swidnik 12/10 

58-410 Marciszow